I got divorced! What are my rights?

1. It has the right to the equitable division of the assets. Legally, the division is made at 50% for each spouse.

2. You have the right to have your children receive family assistance, which must be granted until the age of 18. However, it should be clarified that family care for a child can be extended until the child reaches the age of 25. This in order to procure his/her technical or professional training or the learning of an art or trade. The beneficiary son/daughter must respond with effective results in his/her training.

3. You have the right to receive family assistance as an ex-spouse if you are disabled.

4. You have the right to compensation for moral and material damage caused by your spouse, if it can be proven judicially in the divorce process.

5. You have the right to visit your children, under the conditions established by the judicial authority and ensuring the physical and moral integrity of them.

6. You have the right to appoint a representative or proxy in court to hear the case from its inception or when necessary. This person must have Special Power granted before a public notary.

7. You have the right to request the removal or restriction in the workplace or study place and connubial domicile of the presence of those persons who mean for you a physical, emotional, or psychological threat or risk. To request this remoteness or restriction you will have to present the corresponding evidence to the judicial authority.

8. You have the right to request from the judicial authority the prohibition of selling, taxing or performing certain acts of disposition of the property, when it is considered that they may perish or disappear during the process or before the execution of sentence. This right also extends to being able to request the retention of funds in financial entities and goods or money held by third parties.