Getting a Divorce Online?

A frequent concern of our clients is regarding the possibility of being able to get a divorce when they or their spouse is abroad, that is, outside of Bolivia. Well, getting a divorce from abroad is possible provided that:

• The marriage is registered in Bolivia, that is, it is registered in the National Civic Registry Service – SERECI.
• A representative or proxy in Bolivia is appointed who can be conferred with Special Power.

In this sense, it is not necessary to appear face to face before the Family Public Judge to initiate and carry out the divorce process. The representative or proxy may act on behalf of the absent spouse in Bolivian territory.

Now, how can I have a representative or agent in Bolivia so that I can carry out my divorce proceedings?

In order to have a Representative or Legal Proxy in Bolivia who performs your divorce process, you must request that we send you by email our mandate and/or power of attorney contract. This document has several lessons learned over several decades in which we’ve been working and helping people like you to get a divorce from abroad. With our power of attorney, you reduce the possibility to be observed by the competent judicial authorities.

Once you obtain our power of attorney format, you must proceed to fill it with the correct information and legalize it before the corresponding authorities in the country of origin and before the authorities of the relevant State of Bolivia. It should be noted that while Bolivia has begun its accession to the Hague Apostille Convention, the respective implementation and regulation is expected soon. It means that even in Bolivia the tortuous legalization procedure must be carried out.