Divorce in 5 steps

To hire and work with Divorcio Facil, there just require to do this 5 steps through the Internet:

Step 1
Request us via email or WhatsApp a telephone interview in order to that we have preliminary information of your case and you can be advised and get to know our way of working. You will set the date and hour and we will communicate with you. This interview is completely free and you don’t get any compromise with us.

Step 2
Once we get to know your case and you are familiarized with our way and work conditions, we will come to subscript a legal provision contract and a power of juridical representation, both documents will be wide consensual.

Step 3
With the information that you give to us, we will write a first draft of the claim, regulating agreement or another document that our lawyers considerate relevant. At all times you can do the corrections that you considerate necessary. The Divorce claim could be modified all the times you want before its presentation.

Step 4
After the notarial divorce claim or request is presented in your case, you will get permanent and updated information about your cause movement and you will coordinate with us every instance of your case just as you feel secure in the progress of it.

Step 5 and last
Once the process is finished, you will be handed the Divorce Sentence for the purpose of you can make a write-off of the marriage split.

Note: The simplification of the divorce process is our specialty, in this way that you use the minor time and effort possible. However, you have the right to assemble as long as you considerate necessary with us and also participate on-site in each and all the procedural updates that develop.