About Divorcio Fácil

In Bolivia, www.divorciofacil.com was the first web portal that used legal computing to transform the excruciating process of divorce into something simple. This initiative was given at the beginning of 2006 by the prestigious firm Rigoberto Paredes & Associates. Our premise was and will always be to provide legal services specialized in Family Law with the aim of simplifying divorce proceedings, reducing the stress of our clients as well as the natural complexity of the process.

Divorcio Fácil, works in the 9 departments of Bolivia and even in provinces and/or towns of each department. We have 35 correspondents in Bolivia and more than 125 foreign correspondent firms. Each one of our lawyers works under the slogan of simplifying divorce procedures to the maximum, taking care of the time, the economy and the health of our clients, because from our experience we know that separation from marriage can be a long and unpleasant process in which There are never winners, but big losers that can automatically adversely affect the lives of third parties.

During this time we have actively participated as agents of change in the implementation of the new Code of Families and simultaneously we have modernized the way we provide our services, making it possible to understand the particularities of a person who is divorced. For this reason, we creatively and efficiently put our best effort to speed up the procedures of separation, taking care of the personal and emotional exhaustion of our clients and working in synergy with technological tools that allow us to be permanently contacted with them.